Navajeevan Ashram


The Sylvestrine community is a family, the abbot being a true father to the monks, according to the Rule of St.Benedict. Painstaking efforts and constant vigilance are taken to Navajeevan, Vijayawada, India. maintain the fraternal spirit among the La Lectio Divnabrethren. What nourishes best this communion in the monk, is his own communion with the triune God in common liturgical prayer and Eucharist and lectio divina. Prayer life is nourished above all by the ‘lectio divina’ - a prayerful reading. The monk who pursues it faithfully will become more and more a “man of God”, humble and wise and a channel of salvation for brothers and for the entire people of God. (Constitutions 30). Every Christian, but especially a monk, always wants to hear the world of God to make it his own, to guard it and to obey it as a response to God in private and communal prayer. Union with God depends on constant and fruitful listening to the word of God. Lectio divina is seeking God in the written word. The object of the reading is first of all sacred Scripture, then the Fathers, tradition, the examples and the teaching of the saints and finally reflection on the Church’s theology.

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